The Michelin star is not a lifetime award – you need to re-earn it every year and every day. It should not be taken for granted.

You can actually compare a dinner service to a theater piece. The actors redo the play every night and at some point, it will be the 10th or the 20th time for them. But not for the audience. The guest is probably there for the first time and sometimes for the one and only time. Every single show counts and they all have to be equally good. Similarly, a restaurants reputation only lasts for a day and it has to be re-earned again and again.

They say that the first Michelin star is given purely based on the food. But I know that’s not true. Everything and everyone affects the dining experience. The food, the wine, the service.

I want to congratulate our whole team for the Michelin star, that we’ve earned for the 7th time now. I am proud to call all of you my colleagues.


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