For some time, I’ve wanted to have my own platform, where I could write my thoughts. A non-monologue, that could start conversations and enable exchange in ideas. I might seem like a busy guy, who doesn’t have time for chit-chat, but I do have things to say and experiences I want to share. Giving and receiving inspiration is important.

Therefore, I’ve opened this blog.

Why in English? Because it happens to be the language most people understand and I don’t want people Google Translating my text.

In this blog, I want to be 100 % honest. What happens in social media most of the time is that you create this curtain of perfection around you, even though it’s far away from the truth. Talking about honesty, this text is not written by me. I mean the thoughts and semantics are mine, but they are put into words and translated by a ghost writer. These blog texts are written by the marketing coordinator of Olo Restaurant, and my friend, Timea Slavic. Well, I guess you cannot call it ghost writing anymore.

In our regular coffee breaks, we discuss things that are current – whether it is the job, the food, the weather or just about anything. Those will eventually become topics of blog posts. I always read the texts before they get published to ensure it is exactly what I want to say and how I want to say it. I might write them myself sometimes (if I have time), or I might have guest writers on my blog from time to time – it will, however, be indicated in the text every time.

So I hope you find my blog interesting and follow me for upcoming posts. Feel free to comment & share whenever you feel like you agree or disagree with me or just feel like sharing something from yourself.

The floor is ours.

– Jari